BoundingBox supports clients with a team of digital specialists to help shape an idea. Film, Visual Effects, 3D Animation, Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality, BoundingBox offers the combined force of the best in the industry, individuals or studios.

BoundingBox is currently developing 3DApp. A mobile solution for demonstrating complicated human motion.

3DApp is Software (used standalone or embedded) to show photorealistic people in a photorealistic environment showing motion captured actions. It can be used for a wide variety of proceedings, where you can imagine showing sports instructions, dance movements or anything else we can motion capture. Animations and navigation are made accessible by intuitive navigation.

3DApp is a Service provided by highly specialised companies joining forces to create a unique product and a great service. We provide high quality personalized models, unique animation via on site motion capture sessions, and custom photorealistic environments to showcase an almost limitless amount of actions. Industry experts will guide the whole process so all production goals are met.

Who benefits from 3DApp?
Every company that wants to showcase personalised 3D characters doing exercises, actions or proceedings in a simple but interactive manner can use 3DApp to showcase their own on expertise. It can be embedded in a paid service, it can be used to train people, used to showcase personal fitness exercises, basically anything a person would show or do. The advantage of using a 3d player over youtube like movies is that you can view an action from every angle giving time to fully understand or show a certain movement or pose, truly focussing on the action that needs to be shown or understood. Also customization of characters and looks is easy.
Who is behind 3DApp
3DApp is developed by BoundingBox and serviced by a number of companies that formed an alliance needed to built 3DApp.

  • For the 3D scanning of people Human Alloy invested in the biggest 3d scan facility of Europe and aims to be the absolute leader in providing high quality human 3d models.
  • By using motion capture TimeAware digitizes every move and specialises in on site motion capture.
  • On location photography using High Dynamic Range Lighting provided by NIXX allows us to place our digitized humans into any environment specified by the client.
  • Targeted production and application development. The BoundingBox company develops 3DApp and brings it to specific markets and customers.

How do I contact BoundingBox?

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